Launch Warrior Mastermind:
Six Months to Launch Your Venture!

12 Virtual, 90-minute Sessions over 6 Months

Mentor: Promise Phelon // Co-mentor: James Kim

If you’re an entrepreneur tired of excuses, tired of obstacles, and (finally) ready to launch or relaunch your business, read on. We designed Launch Warrior from the ground up with you in mind—because we’ve been where you are. Discover how to shorten your road to success, and ask all the questions you’ve wondered about. Then, launch or relaunch your business with confidence, knowing what it takes to attract venture or angel capital, key partners and employees, and the resources you need to scale.

It’s painful to have a great idea and not see your vision realized. You’re not alone. We’re here to mentor (not coach) you through to your dreams.

In the Launch Warrior Mentor + Mastermind experience, discover your greatness, craft and fully own a clear, well-defined vision of the company you want to build, and then—this is key—build it. Your lead mentor and guide is Promise Phelon, a successful CEO, serial entrepreneur, investor, and founding partner of a private equity fund. Promise is an indomitable energy source; she also has experience in what you’re doing. She mixes and mingles with the people you need to know—a network of industry experts, seasoned CFOs and operators, investors of all stripes, and storied entrepreneurs from multiple industries. James Kim, Promise’s mentee and a successful salesperson and startup CEO, will co-lead your mentoring sessions.

You will complete three tracks within the Launch Warrior Mentor + Mastermind program: Warrior I, Warrior II and Warrior III. Each has a clear beginning and end, and each pushes you and your cohort of Launch Warriors towards the objective of getting your venture off the ground.

Registration Begins: April 1, 2019

Next Session Stars: April 22, 2019

Cohort Size: 12

Meeting Schedule: Every 2 Weeks

Warrior 1: Defining My Story

Clarity is power. The first step on the Warrior journey is to gain clarity around your entrepreneurial purpose and story. What is your Warrior story and how do you tell it? In Warrior I, also establish new habits and a set of routines that overcome limiting beliefs and procrastination. Get clear on #myonething. Meet and connect with your peers. Identify points of shared purpose with investors, future employees, and partners. Most important, remove doubt and define yourself as a Warrior. The outcome is a business and personal pitch that transforms how you talk about yourself and your story. → Deliverable: My Warrior Story, My “One Thing,” and My Role

Warrior 2: Designing My Company

The next step on the Warrior journey is to design your business the right way. How do you identify your market, and size that market in a way relevant to your success? Who is your ideal customer? What is your GTM strategy or strategy to capture the most at the most reasonable cost? What is your business model? In this track, an outside business leader or expert presents at every other meeting to provide reality-based lessons and critical insights from ideating, starting, organizing, and scaling ventures. When the track is over, you will have a clear target market, ideal customer profile, succinct and steady business model, and a growth presentation to share with potential investors. → Deliverable: Detailed Business Overview & Investor Pitch Deck

Warrior 3: Pitching My Business Idea, Attracting People and Resources

This segment includes two sessions in which you present your story to a hand-curated group of successful mentors, angel and venture investors, and seasoned entrepreneurs. These sessions, in the form of “demos,” give you the opportunity to present your business concept, and get actionable feedback and tips on how to secure the resources you need. Unlike with any other mastermind, you exit with crucial experience, a new peer group, a clear company design, and a proven Pitch Deck that has been vetted and is now yours! Your new deck will not only aid you in influencing; it will also be a symbol of the work you did, a motivator for your team, and a tool to help you secure outside resources, co-creators and partners. → Deliverable & Outcome: Vetted Business Overview & Pitch Deck

Launch Warrior: Mentoring You to the Business of Your Dreams

Unlike unstructured masterminds, Launch Warrior provides an actual framework for understanding the business you want to build. The model also keeps you focused, leads you through a series of key decisions, and guides you to that end goal you dream of: a successful launch or relaunch. Get in the mode. Get unstuck. Do the work. Refine your purpose! Have fun. And launch your venture with power and confidence.

Meetings are 100% virtual, 100% confidential. As a Warrior, get access to a private Slack Channel for ongoing insight sharing and collaboration.

We start each meeting 2-5 minutes early, and show deference and respects to peers and mentors. All members run non-competing companies. (Yes, we screen.)

This is where you start and commit.

Investment: $4,999