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Promise and Steven spent their careers working hard to build their skills, grow their network and gain invaluable industry knowledge. They know what it means to make an investment in a business you believe in, in people who can help and, most importantly, in yourself.
Now, united as a dynamic and cohesive team, they’ve harnessed their real-world experiences — from starting, growing, funding, and selling companies — to fuel Growth Warrior directives and create a set of programs designed to help you develop your business and achieve your million-dollar breakthrough.

Results: The Phelon Group

Promise started the Phelon Group in 2002, a firm focused on helping enterprises build more profitable and mutually-beneficial customer relationships. Initially, like many entrepreneurs, she struggled getting her revenue above six figures. When Steven joined the team in late 2003, their ability to work cohesively with joint goals in mind helped the company thrive.

The company became known for incredible thought leadership, impeccable results for their customers, and a powerful network of thinkers, consultants and advisors. Most importantly their approach and focus on their partnership led to industry success, rapid growth and eventual exit.

Through working together, they’ve proven that with the right skills and a Warrior mindset:

  • anyone can build a powerful, fast-growing $1M+ company
  • anyone can raise money
  • anyone can sell their business
  • anyone can live the entrepreneur’s dream!

Promise & Steven did the work and know the undeniable and repeatable path to success. Now it’s your turn. Benefit from their guidance and take the positive and proven next steps to business growth and financial freedom.

“The Phelon Group team and I partnered closely. As a key customer, it was clear that I was a bridge between their informed external POV and the business realities at one of the largest enterprise companies in the world, HP.” 
– Ken Darby, VP, Communications & Government Relations

Million Dollar Resources

Million Dollar Breakthrough Formula

Identify Your Barrier to Breakthrough

Don’t resign yourself to being a failed statistic. It’s time to change your mindset and aim for unparalleled success.

According to the book Scaling Up, 94% of companies — all types of companies, not just tech startups — never hit $1 million in revenue in a calendar year, ever. Everyone has heard the cautionary stat that most entrepreneurs fail within five years, and all too many new businesses qualify their success by overcoming that statistic. But there’s a big difference between not failing and not building a seven-figure revenue (and beyond) business.

On the path to $1M, the Growth Warrior team believes there are three key phases based on revenue, stage of process maturity, and growth trajectory: launch, emerging and scale ready. Growth Warrior can help you identify which stage you’re in to get you moving on the right path forward.

However, there are two points of failure where your business can get stuck: disorganized where it’s difficult to assess whether your business is making progress and stalled where you’re fighting against the tide of declining momentum, market traction and revenues.

Take action now! Make your move and earn $1M in revenue this year!


To grow a better business, you first need a better mindset
Proximity is Power

Thoughtfully challenge yourself & others. Build relationships.

Focus on Action

Today already happened. Tomorrow is a NEW Day. Don’t Dwell.

Be Playful

Go ALL out, have fun. It should not feel like work. Pick your battles.

Be Vigilant

Every person and experience is a teacher. But decide to apply ONLY what works for you.

Manage Your State

Be humble, human, and happy leaders who people want to follow.